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Bulletins: Banking Division

The Bulletins that follow are numbered sequentially. If a bulletin number is missing, check the revoked and previous versions of banking bulletins page.

Banking Division
Name of Action Date
2018-4 Home Loan Protection Act Forms Issued 10-26-18
2018-3 Mortgage Foreclosure Forms Issued 10-26-18
2018-2 Mortgage Foreclosure Disclosure Form Pursuant to R.I. Gen. Law 34-27-3.1 Issued 07-27-18
2018-1 2017 Legislative Changes Issued 01-02-18
2014-1 2014 Legislative Changes Issued 08-26-14
2012-1 Clarification Regarding Compliance with Disclosure Requirements in Banking Regulation 5: Mortgage Disclosure Issued 08-21-12
2010-1 Notice Concerning Enactment of an Amendment to the Rhode Island Mortgage Foreclosure and Sale Act Issued 02-03-2010
Press Release - Loan Modifications 
2008-1 Education Requirements for Mortgage Loan Originators Issued 09-26-2008
Statement on Subprime Mortgage Lending 
Nontraditional Mortgage Lending Guidance Cover Letter Issued 05-07-2007
2007-6 Notification to All State of Rhode Island Licensed Lenders and Loan Brokers Concerning Changes of Rhode Island Licensing Laws Relating to Recently Enacted Article 16 Substitute A of the 2008 Budget and Companion Senate Bill 2007 S 104 Substitute A as Amended Issued 08-01-2007
2007-5 Notification to Licensees Regarding Nontraditional Mortgage Loan Product Activity in Rhode Island
2007-4 Notification Concerning Enactment of the Rhode Island Home Loan Protection Act Issued 03-28-2007
2007-3 Notification Concerning Enactmeent of the Rhode Island Home Loan Protection Act Issued 02-08-2007
2007-2 Notification to Licensees Regarding Modification in Business Activity in Rhode Island Issued 01-25-2007
2004-1 Licensee Delayed Report Filing Penalty Issued 08-01-2004
2003-2 Prohibited Net Branches & Net Branching Arrangements Issued 10-10-2003
2003-1 Interest on Retail Installment Contracts Issued 10-03-2003
2002-2 Boat and Automobile Dealers and Brokers Licensing Requirements Issued 08-30-2002 | Revised 08-30-2002
2000-1 Expedited Branch Office Application Procedures Issued 05-17-2000 | Revised 10-10-2003