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Program Operations

The Board of Accountancy is an autonomous board that is responsible for the administration of the licensing of certified public accountants, public accountants, partnerships, corporations, and sole proprietorships, including the processing of applications and fees, the issuance of licenses, certificates and permits to regulated businesses, occupations and professions.

The Board is responsible for governing the conduct of assigned licensees in order to comply with statutory provisions of the law and to promote the continued welfare of the general public. This includes recommending approval, denial, suspension or revocation of licenses or the imposition of such sanctions or penalties allowed by law.

Hearings are held when required in order to resolve complaints and to act upon the denial, suspension or revocation of licenses. The Board investigates complaints from the general public in all areas of licensing addressed above.

Board personnel also provide the general public with application and licensing information for various occupations, businesses and professions; as well as make available upon request copies of licensing laws and regulations.

Program Objectives

The Board of Accountancy will continue its analysis of continuing professional education records to process license renewals and responses in order to increase efficiency and to commence and resolve disciplinary actions efficiently and promptly.

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