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Securities Regulation

Program Operations

Securities Regulation is responsible for the registration of certain securities, the licensing and regulation of broker dealers, sales representatives, certain investment advisers and certain investment adviser representatives.

The division is also responsible for enforcing compliance with the state's Franchise Investment Act, the registration of charitable and fund-raising groups and the states' Real Estate Time-Share Act. The division has annually processed approximately 60,584 licenses and 7,412 registrations, conducted on-site examinations of broker-dealers and investment advisers, and initiated investigations and enforcement actions pursuant to applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

Program Objectives

Enforce compliance with the applicable provisions of state laws and regulations related to the securities industry, franchises, charities, fund-raisers and time-shares.

Statutory History

The division is charged with the administration and enforcement of the Rhode Island Uniform Securities Act ("RIUSA"), R.I. Gen. Laws 7-11; the Franchise Investment Act, R.I. Gen. Laws 19-28.1; the Charitable Solicitation Act, R.I. Gen. Laws 5-53.1; and the Real Estate Time-Share Act, R.I. Gen. Laws 34-41.

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